Consonance, 2015



Friday PM Champagne II/III Krystall Champagne I
06:30 PM Setup OPEN FILK Drum Circle

07:30 PM Sing Along Concert
with All Our Guests
08:00 PM Toastmaster Concert:
Deb Baudoin

09:00 PM (ish) Closed for the night
09:30 PM Workshop: Archetype Awaken!
with Leslie Hudson

10:30 PM Hosted Filk
with Brenda and Bill Sutton
OPEN FILK all night

11:30 PM OPEN FILK all night


Saturday Champagne II/III Krystall Champagne I
10:00 AM Closed for Setup Experience: Instrument Petting Zoo
Hosted by Jim Partridge
Circle: Songs of Hope

11:00 AM Workshop: Lyric Writing Part I
with our GoHs Brenda and Bill Sutton
all day and night

12:00 PM OPEN FILK in Krystall

( CD Release Party in Con Suite
with Mary Crowell noon - 1 p.m. )

01:00 PM 2x10 Concert
(signup at info desk)

02:00 PM Concert: Kathy Mar
02:30 PM Concert: Betsy Tinney
03:00 PM Interfilk Guest Concert:
Leslie Hudson

04:00 PM Interfilk Auction

05:00 PM Closed for Dinner Break!

07:00 PM Concert: Judith Hayman
07:30 PM Guest of Honor Concert:
Brenda and Bill Sutton

Closed for the night
09:00 PM Hosted filk with Leslie Hudson

10:00 PM OPEN FILK (filking all night)

11:00 PM


Sunday Champagne II/III Krystall Champagne I
10:30 AM Setup Circle: Oldies Administrative Meeting

11:30 AM OPEN FILK Workshop: Lyric Writing Part II
with our GoHs Brenda and Bill Sutton

12:30 PM Public Meeting: Feedback Session
01:00 PM 2x10 Concert
(signup at info desk)
OPEN FILK until 4:00 p.m.

02:00 PM Mary Crowell
CD Release Concert

03:00 PM Rock Jam

04:00 PM Closed for Teardown
Please rescue your belongings!
Dead Dog open filking all night... Closed for Teardown
Please rescue your belongings!

05:00 PM

Drum Circle: Join in or just enjoy as we come together to make a joyous (and maybe a little bit loud) noise.

2x10 Concert: a.k.a. "Open Mic" - Two songs or ten minutes per person/group, whichever comes first. Come to hear some old favorites and great surprises. Sign up at the information desk Friday and Saturday before the concerts.

Instrument Petting Zoo What's that thing called? What does it sound like? How do you play it? Have you seen my...? - Bring your own pretties or just your curiosity as we talk about, demonstrate and respectfully try playing a range of exotic, beautiful, silly, and otherwise fascinating instruments.

Lyric Workshop (Saturday and Sunday): You write or want to write filk songs... break out your pencils and join our GoHs Brenda and Bill Sutton Saturday and Sunday in this two part lyric writing workshop.

Archetype Awaken! with Leslie Hudson: For songwriters, but all writers welcome. Think that archetype's been done to death? All her stories told? Will she go softly into The End? Not a chance! Learn to dig deeper and become a better storyteller. Breathe life and soul into archetypal characters, get behind their eyes before you tell their stories, and give them voices that ring true. Grab a notebook and join me for this practical workshop with individual, small group and full group exercises, and lots of living examples. Bring your favourite archetype or one you think's beyond all hope; I love a challenge!

Dealers, Registration and Con Suite

DayDealer's Room
2nd Floor
Friday Day4 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.2 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Saturday Day10 a.m. - 6 p.m.10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Sunday11 a.m. - 3 p.m.11 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Con Suite is in Room 602.

Fanfare Music ©2015