Assignment for Sunday:

Produce a raw/rough draft of a song, using a 3 verse and chorus structure on the theme

Musical Theatre

possibly incorporating one or more of the following as a secondary element

Space War Politics Musical Theatre
Dragons Spam Global Thermal Nuclear War
Hungry Conventions House Cleaning
Books Puss & Boots Space Travel
Microwave Cameras Love Blue
Sushi Aliens Vikings
Loneliness Zero G Hockey Mars Needs Women
Cats Animal Rights Toasters
Indoors Food Happiness
Dogs Cats Animal Rights
Indoors Food Baseball
Fish Need Bicycles Computers Hiccups

and possibly using some of the following word, phrases or images in finding your hook

Zip me Up Dazzling Bring down the Curtain
Rehearsal Theatre Seats Dust
Aisle Rats Popcorn
Lights Glee Diva
Just a stage I'm going through Dancing Broadway
Exit Stage Left Sweat / Flopsweat Orchestra
Orchestra Pit Life upon the wicket Stage Upstage/ing
It's showtime folks Grease Paint Give 'em the hook
Gels Back Stage I forgot my lines
Stage Stage door Stage director
Understudy Curtains Makeup
Cast Melodies Stand in
Opening night Ingenue SRO
Chorus line Prompter Tuning
My father has a barn Mezzanine Synchronization
Missed Cue Hell week Maestro
Break a Leg Costumes Alcohol
Dressing Rooms Tap Flop
Tonys The Book The Movie
Tickets Corn Starch Color
Improvise Kinetic Great white way
curtain call where's my spotlight light show
balcony wigs